Metex Technology

From Exploration to Tokenisation

Very first stage of mining, which is exploration. Followed by imminent processes of development, mining, logistics, processing, smelting, energy and more. Now thanks to the blockchain technology we add another process – Tokenisation. Welcome to the Age of METEX and tokenisation.

Efficient Distribution

An optimized distribution system ensures optimized logistics with improved market efficiencies.

Metex Technology

Metex Technology

Full-On Security

Metex ensures your wealth is protected with the utmost importance.

Storage Facilities

Metex Technology



  • Convert your 1kg gold bar to one of our Metex Tokenization Centre’s in CBD’s.
  • Metex will tokenise your 1 kg (1,000 grams) Gold bar to 1000 Gold tokens = MTA-MAu that’s put in your wallet.
  • Once in your exchange wallet, you can sell 100 MTA-MAu tokens
  • Any referrals accrue commissions.


You want to sell only 100 gram of your a 1KG Gold bar, without cutting it.

Quote From

Chief Executive

METEX makes trading metals accessible and easy for everyone. We are helping to create confidence and a desire to hold ownership in metals by the masses once again.