Metex Technology

METEX Technology

METEX Technology implements cutting-edge Blockchain Technology which offers a fundementally streamlined method of maintaining a secure ledger of transactions. Some of our platform features:

  • Quote & Trade Depth

    Market Portfolio

    Alerts & Rules

  • Listing of other coins.

    Trading Tools & Strategies

    Symbol settings i.e. lots, margin, spread, status, tick value, quantity

METEX Token Advisory

Token Economy is the single most disruptive arena where existing businesses can utilize the power of Blockchain Technology and create real world disruption. Asset-backed, secured and fully compliant in a regulated environment - METEX Exchange offers an alternative to existing legacy trading systems at a fraction of the costs, while being fully backed by physical assets - A True Store of Value.

Metex Token
Metex Asset Creation


Metex prime source of metals supplies will come from Australian companies. As the company grows Metex will aim to establish a global presence in other countries.

Metex Asset Creation

METEX Exchange Listing

METEX Exchange has the technology to help list other vertically relevant industry partners to be listed on the METEX exchange, where they can also benefit from the disruptive Token Economy.

Metex Custodial service

METEX Custodial services

METEX aspires to help store physical assets and offer other custodial services in order to create a True Store of Value for genuine asset-backed Blockchain Tokens. Storage facilities will open doors to new businesses which will benefit the community and the METEX ecosystem.

Metex Custodial service

METEX Payment Solution

As a form of monetization, METEX Exchange aspires to help create asset-backed Tokens which may eventually be used as payment forms to and from Fiat or other legal tenders.

Metex Trading

METEX Institutional Trading

With cutting-edge technology, the METEX Exchange eventually should be able to handle large volumes of simultaneous trading with minimal latency - thus enabling institutional volumes or orders placed. Also the capacity to use advanced financial indicators and toolset - the exchange is built with the Institutional Trading Community firmly in the mindset. METEX has developed solutions where mining companies, metal producers and end users can trade directly in open market saving money & unnecessary fees.

Metex Trading

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Chief Executive

METEX makes trading metals accessible and easy for everyone. We are helping to create confidence and a desire to hold ownership in metals by the masses once again.