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METEX is committed to delivering services to support creating a metals token
trading platform that makes trading metals easy and secure for retail and institutional markets.

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Company promises

METEX promises to deliver a unique ecosystem and multiple platforms that are relevant to the masses. We admire the Blockchain technology and how Bitcoin evolved to disrupt the way the world functions today. We believe it is now time for METEX to adopt the Blockchain technology to arrive at better solutions in the metals trading and mining industry. Participants in the METEX Metals Trading Ecosystem are able to participate on an even playing field. METEX will revolutionise how metals are acquired and traded in the new digital world economy.

  Power of Inventory

  Store of Value

  Widespread Access to Metals Ownership

  Fractionalised Metals trading

  Metals Exchange Ecosystem

  Barriers to Entry Mitigated

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Chief Executive

METEX makes trading metals accessible and easy for everyone. We are helping to create confidence and a desire to hold ownership in metals by the masses once again.